Soirée, La Luce del Pensiero 14/10/2019

Soirée, The Light of Thought: art is the destiny of design.

Twenty internationally renowned artists guided by the light of the genius of Joseph Beuys, in an exhibition promoted by Fratelli Guzzini at Fortezza da Basso in Florence


As sometimes happens, it is meetings that lead to the creation of revolutionary and visionary projects and Soirée, the Light of Thought, comes from the meeting between Domenico Guzzini and Lucrezia de Domizio Durini, an atypical personality in the Contemporary Art system, who has been operating in the field of international culture for fifty years.

Her name is strongly linked to that of Joseph Beuys, the German master – 2021 will mark a centenary since his birth - with whom she carried out intense and significant work inherent to the famous Defence of Nature operation.

“Joseph Beuys is the figure who best represents, with his life and his work, the centrifugal and anti-traditional energy that art has produced in recent decades,” states Lucrezia De Domizio Durini. “He was able to dress his own body in art, and the art of his body. In this way, Beuys placed himself within the work of art, thus emphasising the anthropological power of the whole art”.

To be an artist for Beuys meant to lead an existence with others, seeking that “elementary and profound understanding for what happens on earth” in a relationship of brotherly collaboration; because what happens in our world also happens within us. Here the sense of anthropological art and also the inevitable consequence that art lives and expresses itself in everyday life, in relationships, in the different influences.

“Design and art, a combination that Guzzini has already explored and of which he knows the intrinsic link” states Domenico Guzzini, President of the Marche-based company of the same name. “We believe in the ability of people to develop their own art forms from everyday life and this is why we have chosen to embark on a journey that gives a voice to the visions and achievements of twenty international artists. We want to unlock new ideas about the ties that unite the sensibilities of different artists, united however by the guiding light of Joseph Beuys and by the profound and dedicated work of Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, soul and driving force behind this project “.

Against this backdrop, twenty-one artistically enhanced versions of the Soirée lamp, designed by Marco Merendi & Diego Vencato and produced by Fratelli Guzzini, were conceived, produced and finalised.

The object of the project is that of a declaration calling for artistic action and paying tribute to an extraordinary protagonist of the art of the 1900s. Joseph Beuys was the forerunner, the active precursor of those humanitarian, economic, social, environmental, political and cultural problems that today tear humanity apart. His particular sensitivity led him to want to change the world through creativity and collaboration between men; art is a daily act, not limited to the artistic context, it is a means of expression for everyone.

Art is turning to the future as an ongoing act of a thought that aims to last over time. Thought and time as a light, as a sign that occupies space, like a spirit guide, a vibrant reference. Art is an immense good, a pure force that has the power to change our way of seeing, thinking and living: it is a fruitful good for the benefit of the Society.

The twenty unique Soirée Lamps, unique because they were specially re-designed for this show, are exhibited and available to a public eager to be the supporter of a concrete act of universally recognised value from 18 to 27 October at the Design pavillion / Attico area, Fortezza da Basso in Florence. The works will actually be on sale and the entire proceeds of this sale will be donated to Lega Ambiente.

“The choice of Lega Ambiente is strongly influenced by the special phase that our planet is experiencing and that we as a company are experiencing together with it”, says Domenico Guzzini. “Beuys was a pioneer of the times and for us a great source of inspiration. We are proud to be able to say that we are one of the first companies in the world to produce beautiful new things from recycled materials. Thanks to research, technology and design, we are betting with the Circle programme on a revival of the environment”.

Guzzini’s Circle programme identifies eco-sustainable products with improved functional performance: this means regenerating and producing things while thinking about their recovery and a new formal and functional end use.

The exhibition, promoted by Guzzini in partnership with Florence Biennale Art Design, Hausbrandt and Unicoop Firenze relies on the sponsorship of Unicredit.

The artists and the works


  • Sevil AMIN (Iran) The Dream
  • Marco BAGNOLI (Italy) Benché sia notte (Spazio x Tempo)
  • Mario BOTTINELLI MONTANDON (Italy) Casa Luce Cielo
  • Riccardo CALERO (Spain) Naturale
  • Estelle COURTOIS (France) Luché
  • Dagmar DOST-NOLDEN (Germany) Human Light
  • Marcia GROSTEIN (USA) Reflections of One’s Self
  • Graham MARTIN (England) Things I want to say today
  • Ireneo NICORA (Switzerland) FALÒS (lucente - splendente)
  • Shino YANAI (Japan) Shadows
  • Jan C M PEETERS (Netherlands) Tiliafata
  • Emanuel Dimas de Melo PIMENTA (Brazil/Portugal) Leuk
  • Vitantonio RUSSO (Italy) Economia in controluce
  • Una SZEEMANN (Switzerland) Ondata
  • Medhat SHAFIK (Egypt) Mesopotamia
  • Omraan TATCHEDA (Cameroon/Italy) Indigo Souls
  • Paolo TRENI (Italy) Soirée Idyllique
  • Luisa VALENTINI (Italy) Un soffio appena…
  • ZOUBOULIS & GREKOU (Greece) Candle Light Illusion
  • Lucrezia DE DOMIZIO DURINI (Italy) Difesa della Natura

Tribute to the Master Joseph Beuys