Guzzini joins the innovative Green Pea format created by Oscar Farinetti with a selection of products from the sustainable Circle project.

We are one of the first firms in the world to produce new beauty from salvaged materials. Through our CIRCLE programme, with the aid of research, technologies and design we aim to actively contribute to the rebirth of the environment, regenerating and transforming it by giving new life to objects,” declares Domenico Guzzini, Chairman of the company from Italy’s Marche region. “CIRCLE comprises eco-sustainable products with the best functional performances. With this programme, we give value to circularity: objects become tools, central to the relations between people and the environment, for lasting use and reuse. Ethical behaviours become a matter of beauty and not just of duty.”

Given these convictions, the partnership between Guzzini and Green Pea was inevitable, since a project like CIRCLE is an excellent answer to the question “do we have to stop consuming or start consuming with Respect?” and is completely in line with the Green Pea manifesto “the time has come to make duty into beauty, with Respect for Nature”.

“Today, we view sustainability as the key to understanding, interpreting and responding to social and environmental changes and to people’s lifestyles,” comments Fratelli Guzzini CEO Sergio Grasso. “It’s a continual challenge that guides our constant research and our decisions when creating new product lines, guaranteed by genuine Italian design, choice quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies, which also enable us to eliminate waste from our processing of the raw materials and ensure durability over time.”

Guzzini products incorporate four sustainability factors:

  • Functionality: Products designed to be used, meaning to be functional, effective and comfortable during the user experience. Many kitchen range products are often multi-functional, meaning more use can be made of each single object.
  • Durability: Products which combine constantly contemporary styling with a quality providing durability comparable with equivalent articles in glass, ceramic or metal, profoundly different in nature from “disposable” plastic objects.
  • Circularity: Increasingly large portfolio of recycled plastic products, which reprocess the material-energy by recovering it after use and readapting it for reuse. Today around 40% of output consists of these items, and this figure is forecast to rise to 60% by the end of 2021.
  • Design for new lifestyles: Products created to respond to people’s needs and the continual changes in each era’s demands and lifestyles.

Driven by this era of environmental challenges, the company has achieved another step forward, springing from its desire to design products in harmony with nature. To give genuine strength and power to these ideas, we must create products rooted in a new convergence of different disciplines, where the role of design is of primary importance because it is the means for promoting responsible practices and solutions in the processing and use of plastics. This mission involves innovators, visionary technical experts and change-makers, capable of interpreting this change by working to identify new materials and processes that include the reuse of materials from products’ end-of-life.


The Guzzini corner will display all the articles in the Tierra collection, the first tableware collection made by recycling disposable water bottles - in other words, made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Comprising tableware and beverage items, Tierra will meet all the demands of people who are committed to sustainability in their daily lives but still want style and beauty on their tables.


| Guzzini


Also featured will be the versatile, colourful, indestructible EcoBag, eco-friendly because it is made from 100% post-consumer recycled, 100% recyclable material, is roomy, lightweight, easy to clean and strictly Italian made. EcoBag comes in a range of cool colours: clay, pale blue, ochre and green. Its attractive design and its characteristics are sure to make it a "must have" accessory!

And last but not least, Tidy&Store, boxes made from post-consumer recycled material with the typical shape of the traditional wooden fruit boxes we all remember. The design and material of Tidy&Store boxes offer many plus factors,: they are stackable and modular, lightweight, easily cleaned because they do not absorb liquids of any kind, and decidedly versatile.


| Guzzini


But to further underline the bond between Guzzini and Green Pea, all staff of this innovative Green Retail Park will be equipped with a steel thermal water bottle, a sustainable, attractive, functional alternative to the usual disposable water bottles. This bottle is tough and lightweight, with a leak-proof airtight seal that makes it drip-proof and a large mouth to simplify refilling with liquids, adding ice-cubes and cleaning.

Bottles keep beverages hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours thanks to their steel double skin which also prevents condensate from forming on the outside.

Customised for the occasion with logo, colours and the ever-present green pea that symbolises the entire project, the bottles will also be on sale within the Green Retail Park.