All their projects are dominated by the search for a "quiet elegance" in the design object. Their passion for experimentation and innovation has won them coveted international prizes, including the Red Dot Design Award and the Good Design Award.


Architect and designer Paolo Tilche promotes a modern form of "good taste" in interior design. With Mario Tedeschi, he was a presenter of the "Il piacere della casa" Italian TV show, one of the first programmes on the art of fine home furnishing.


British designer Robin Levien has won many awards, including two Design Week Awards in 1990 and 1997 and the D&AD Silver Award in 1999. He received a special mention in the 2007 Philip Designers Prize and in 2008 Home Gardens magazine presented him with a lifetime award.


Winner of the London Design Week Medal for design excellence in 2011, he became a Royal Academician of the Royal Academy of Arts in 2013. His constant experimentation with materials such as steel, aluminium or polyamide and his radical conception of the shape and structure of furniture place him amongst the avant-garde in contemporary design and architecture.


He attended the Corso superiore di Disegno Industriale in Rome under the guidance of Rodolfo Bonetto. From 1974 to 1980 he was head of the Fratelli Guzzini Design Department, coordinating outsourced design projects and designing many products, including the Pic Boll, himself.


They have taken part in a large number of competitions and won prizes and awards. Their interior design projects include the Quinto Assio Hotel in Rieti and the Mazzatelli Villa Quinto Assio Relais and Chateau in Rieti.


Carlo Colombo was named designer of the year in Tokyo in 2004. Between 2005 and 2011 he received the "Elle Décor" International Design Award four times. He was amongst the Good Design Award winners in 2009. An ambassador for Italian design worldwide, he teaches and lectures internationally


She began her career by designing tableware, office systems and car and train interiors. Her work focuses on aesthetics of form and ease of everyday use. She teaches at the Istituto Europeo di Design and Polidesign.


The Prius handle he created for Colombo Design won an Honourable Mention at the XXI Compasso d'Oro. The Kloe chair designed for Desalto won the 2009 Red Dot Design Award. His interest in contemporary lifestyles has also led him to play an active role in the world of sustainable architecture, with the creation of POLINS (Strategic Innovation Pole).


The brothers are architects, creating a large number of projects at the international level. They also work in both furnishing and design. Their awards include: Design Plus 2016, Red Dot Design Award 2015, Red Dot Design Award 2012, Good Design Award 2009.


Illustrator, designer and graphic designer. As a painter he has exhibited in Italy, Europe and the United States. He has always been interested in the visual arts. He works with Italian and international companies on their communications and design projects.


A winner of many international awards, he bases his designs on three core values: technology, materials science and smart, organic form. Some of his works are in the permanent collections of various Design Museums worldwide, including the New York Museum of Modern Art and the London Design Museum.


A designer, technician, artist, photographer and film-maker, Levy has multidisciplinary skills and his works can be seen in top galleries and museums all over the world. In his opinion, "the world is about people, not tables and chairs". Levy's first international success was his victory in the Seiko Epson Inc. competition, which established his reputation as the "thinking designer".


He began his career at Olivetti, working under Ettore Sottsass. Over time he has won a large number of international prizes and awards, including two Compasso d’Oro Adi awards and many honourable mentions also at the Compasso d’Oro, recognising the importance of his work as a designer.


Dario has vast know-how in the plastics and electrical engineering sectors and some of his products have been at the centre of international exhibitions: 1993, Paris, “Design: Miroir du Sìecle” 1993, Verona, “Abitare il tempo - progetti e territori” 1996, Copenhagen, “European Design - Design as Identity”.


It is currently considered one of the world's top firms in the Industrial and Transport Design and Graphics and Multimedia & Communication sectors. A global ambassador for Italian design, winner of many awards and famous all around the world, the firm designed the TVS Arco line which won the Design Plus award in 2010 and the Good Design Award in 2012.


Lorenzo has in-depth experience in product design, with skills in the areas of illustration, photo editing and digital page layout creation. He has been admitted to and won prizes in many design competitions, including Opos (1993-1998), Compasso d’Oro Targa Progetto Giovane (1998), Teuco Award Net (1998) and Compasso d'Oro (2004) with the LaTina Series citrus squeezer designed for Fratelli Guzzi


Niklas Jacob began his career as an artist in 1989 and from 1990 to 1992 he exhibited at many small art galleries in Copenhagen. He has worked on designs for clients including the Momo Group, Lexus and Lamborghini. He teaches at the Industrial Design Department of the University of Camerino and Ascoli Piceno Architecture Faculty and is a member of the ADI (Italian Industrial Design Association).


Studio Opus works in a variety of sectors from aircraft interior design to the design of products for the home and for the community. It has received a large number of awards, including the German Design Award, an honourable mention at the Compasso d'oro ADI and the IF product design award.


This iconoclastic artist came to global fame in the late '90s through 3D piracy of products by the most emblematic international brands such as Vuitton, Apple and Nike. In 2002 he received the best design award with the aluminium Heineken bottle. His first lamp, ONE LINE, was greatly praised by his colleagues at the 2004 Salone del Mobile and received the Red Dot Design award.


In 1996 Ugolini Design won first prize in the international Tecnoroll Design competition and four Grandesign prizes, in 1997 it was selected by Finnish firm Kone, which held an international competition for the design of a new line of lifts, and in 2000 it received the compasso d’oro ADI Index award.


He is an internationally famous sculptor with works forming the centrepieces of famous squares in cities such as Shanghai, Bangkok and San Francisco. The gaudy colours of Gerstein's works have Pop Art overtones. He is deeply curious about daily life in the world's big cities, and adopts an almost impressionistic approach to describe the motion and energy released by various human activities.


Interested in the design of everyday objects and their industrial production, he has also extended his area of work to include electronic devices and bathroom fittings such as bathtubs, shower enclosures and furnishings.


Luigi Massoni, architect designer, publicist and publisher: one of the most active Italian designers, not only in design itself but also in the modern definition of the idea of design and production. A personality who has made a fundamental contribution not only to the cultural but also to the economic growth of Italian design. His partnership with the Guzzini Group, which began in 1962, has been crucial, since he has not only designed many products for the firm but also advised it on design and marketing.


A "design craftsman", he considers it vital to know the innermost character of the material to be shape, verifying its transformation step by step to create a unique relationship with the object. He has received major prizes such as the Good Design award in the furniture sector and the iF Award.


He made his debut on the Italian arts scene in the Sixties, in the age of Pop Art, and conceptual and "poor" art. His works were characterised from the outset by a strong vein of irony and unconventionality, and a personal sense of fun which was to be a kind of trademark throughout his career. He has partnered many firms for the creation of advertising campaigns


He joined Studio Sowden in Milan as a designer and became a partner in 1996. He took part in many projects, and in 1999 created 'Hiroshi & Davy', a Salone del Mobile collateral event held at Galleria Ciovasso in Milan. In 2001, Hiroshi opened the Happy Design firm in Milan.


She has increasingly succeeded in putting her interest in design, especially design for small children, into practice in major partnerships with leading firms in this sector. Her career is reflected in a vast output of children's furnishings and fittings.


As well as its research and development work, the Guzzini Lab is home to a team capable of creating innovative, functional design items that embody the company's values.


Two brilliant young designers. Eva Mancuso has consolidated experience in the fashion and product design sectors, as well as specialising in Art Direction & Graphics, advertising, videoediting and animation.


Founded in Milan in 2007, Laboratorio.quattro consists of a group of professionals able to handle complex design projects on any scale. The company designs ornamental features, exhibition installations and the interior design of private homes, residential buildings and hotels.


Product designers and strategic industrial design consultants, Sandro Meneghello and Marco Paolelli founded their firm in Milan. They work with international brands to add value through product design. They have received a large number of international prizes including seven Red Dot Design Awards, five Design Plus awards and six mentions at the Young & Design awards.



Both Designers and Architects. After obtaining degrees in Japan, they currently work as consultants in both Milan and Tokyo. Their works, published and exhibited throughout Europe and in Japan, have received many awards.


Founded by Ettore Sottsass in 1980, it is an architecture and design firm with offices in London and Milan. Today its work is driven by the talent and energy of its partners. Its many prizes include the honourable mention at the Compasso d'Oro ADI for the Guzzini Sottsass bottle.


Lorenzo Marini is an architect, creative director, writer and artist. His real vocation is creativity applied to communication, advertising and art. A few years ago he decided to publish his artistic work dating back over more than twenty years, celebrating the pure, intrinsic beauty of the letters of the alphabet. His multi-faceted personality and creative exuberance have now led to his design for Guzzini of a unique piece: Si Single.


The Spalvieri & Del Ciotto design studio is a meeting point for new ideas, research and experimenting. Their work is characterized by formal simplicity together with an intense emotional component, and is based on the idea that every design product should reflect their experience, should contain and preserve a piece of history, and should be something worth handing down to the future generations. Their aim is to use design to humanize new materials and new technologies, and in this way make it easier to understand and use more innovative objects.


Born in Transylvania , March 1990. He grew up in the UAE and graduated in Industrial Design and a Master in Strategic Design from the Istituto Europeo di Design (Milan) in 2011. His thesis was awarded with an Honorable Mention at the 23rd ADI Compasso D’oro Award (Targa Giovani).Thanks to these experiences, he has been able to work in a wide variety of industries, with the aim of creating value synergies between brands and product experience.In 2015 he set up his own studio, and has since had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the leading global brands.


Antonio Citterio was born at Meda in 1950. He obtained a degree in architecture at the Politecnico University in Milan and opened his industrial design firm in 1972. He began to work in architectural and interior design in 1981. His many awards include the Compasso d'Oro in 1987 and 1995. 1999 saw the foundation of “Antonio Citterio and Partners”, a multidisciplinary architectural, industrial and graphic design firm. He has also taken part in many international competitions.


Sissi Ergunay is a human centered product designer who specializes in content to kitchenware products, kitchen designs and user-centered design strategy. After award winning project with Febal Casa, she has started her professional career in Milano by collaborating with numerous companies internationally. Currently she lives in United States mainly in New York and Miami. Every day she generates countless ideas by entering people’s daily lives, putting effort to understand habits, pleasures and difficulties by perceiving real meaning users give to things which appears in her each design details.


Yvonne Roe began her career in fashion over 20 years ago. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, she worked as a fashion designer for many years for international brands in New York and Hong Kong.
In 1999 she founded and created the brand ro and, in 2003 she moved her design and development studio from New York to the the medieval town of Recanati where, Yvonne founded the design studio IVORY SRL.
Recently, in addition to her important work building accessory collections for international brands Yvonne has also launched a new luxury women’s handbag brand called LŪRA.


Architect, artist and designer, he stands out for his multidisciplinary research related to the representation of everyday life through objects of industrial production, integrating painting and sculpture with industrial design and architecture. At the center of his artistic practice, directly or indirectly, is the observation of human activity, between memory and collective imaginaries, between the rituals of consumerism and intimate experience. In addition to Italy, he has exhibited in Austria, China, France, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, United States.