To mark its 110th anniversary (1912-2022), Guzzini produces the “110” pitcher, a tribute to designerCharles F. Joosten, inspired by his famous 1957 drinks and beverages line. The new pitcher belongs to the Circle programme: it is made from bio-circular plastics, derived from plant biomass waste residues, 100% recyclable. The product’s bio-based content is calculated using the mass balance approach and is ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) certified. “110” is a revolutionary new entry in the the tableware sector.


Eco-Kitchen is the first collection of kitchen worktop organiser products made from 100% recyclable antibacterial post-consumer recycled plastic: a revolution in environmental sustainability and hygiene.


Birth of the first collection of fridge containers and kitchen utensils made from 100% recyclable post-consumer recycled plastic: the Guzzini Re-Generation collection, which wins the 2021 Red Dot Design Award and the 2021 Green Product Award.


Innovation is extended further with continual research into new recycled and recyclable plastics. The Circle programme is born, comprising eco-sustainable products with the best functional performances. The Tidy&Store modular boxes and the Tierra tableware products are the first Guzzini collections made by recycling post-consumer disposable water bottles (Re-Pet)

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First object in the world, in design plastic products fot the home, with three-color effect

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Grace collection design innovation and extension for the interpretation of other materials

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First collection in the world made of transparent two-coloured plastic materials by using injection moulding technology.


First steel items in the world with two-coloured acrylic handles


First porcelain items in the world with two-coloured acrylic handles


Design and colour for an innovative interpretation of the world of small household appliances


First object in the world, in design plastic products fot the home, with two-color effect by using bi-injection moulding technology


Innovation in the kitchen with the introduction of a design and colour-coordinated collection


First complete design tableware systems with coordinated colours and decorations


In the early 60s the novelty was the injection molding of colored plastic materials for domestic use


In 1955 we are the first company to start introducing plastic design objects for domestic use


The coloured methacrylate and the two-tone technology. First company in the world to manufacture acrylic two-coloured items using thermoforming technology


In 1938, another Guzzini generation introduced Plexiglas into the manufacture of items for the home. Ever since then, our history has been one of milestones in innovation.


It all began with Enrico Guzzini, who drew on his experience abroad to give fresh impulse to an ancient craft: the creation of exquisite objects in ox horn.