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The COOK&PLUS line frying pan is available in 4 different sizes: 20cm, 24cm, 28cm and 32cm. The smaller pans are big enough to cook portions for one or two people and can be used for a vast range of delicious dishes. While the bigger pans provide plenty of space to cook large portions or prepare dishes that need multiple ingredients.

  • The COOK&PLUS line was created in Italy for intensive use. The pressed shape and reinforced rim increase the strength of every article in the range.
  • The BLACK HIGH spray-on three-layer non-stick coating is tough and scratch-proof for outstanding durability and non-stick performance, enables cooking with very little oil or fat and makes cleaning easier as foods don’t stick.
  • The exclusive non-warping steel bottom enables cookware’s use on all heat sources, including induction.
  • The tough high-thickness sanded aluminium body increases the pan’s lifetime and guarantees uniform heat distribution and impressive energy efficiency.
  • The convenient, ergonomic Bakelite handle ensures a firm grip and protects the hands from intense heat.
  • The entire COOK&PLUS line is made in Italy from safe, certified high quality materials free from PFOA, nickel and heavy metals to protect the environment and people’s health
  • Made in Italy.
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Bakelite, Aluminium, Stainless steel, PTFE

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