Fratelli Guzzini joins the world of B Corp companies
We’ve become a B Corp!
We work for the good of people and the planet

B Corporations, certified by non-profit entity B Lab, are companies that prioritise social and environmental impact, transparency and responsibility just as much as profit. We’ve always believed that a company’s success cannot be achieved at the expense of its social and environmental impact and effects on the communities in which it operates. Our vision, “Made for Nature, Made for People”, reflects our conviction that the health of people and the planet are interlinked. B Corp certification is the natural evolution of our long-term commitment.
It was officially announced just a few days ago that Fratelli Guzzini has achieved this ambitious aim, which follows on from the award in 2022 of Italian Benefit Corporation legal status, recognising ours as a company whose corporate purpose includes the creation of value for all stakeholders and thus formally establishing aims that extend beyond profit alone.
The path that brought us here leads a long way back.
The Guzzini Circle programme

The company has always supported high ethical standards and the creation of virtuous cycles that include all phases of its products’ lifetime, from production to disposal. This attitude found expression in the Circle Programme, launched in 2018: new recycled and recyclable plastics derived from post-consumer waste, new transformation processes and, last but not least, the use of fine design, have created products that have helped to convey the message of sustainability to the general public, together with that of beauty and practicality, a truly new paradigm for the market in question. Bio-based materials, derived from organic waste, were also introduced in 2020, further evidence of the search for new, “environment-friendly” resources and the production know-how of an organisation with more than 110 years of history, which has constantly innovated in the area of sustainability and has chosen competent, skilled partners that support it in this direction
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