A Circle that contains the future

Use and regeneration of materials: a future story



For the next hundred years, we have a project of beauty to be used and reused. Objects are no longer trapped in the resource-transformation-use-waste chain, but rather tools in the centre of the relationship between man and the environment, between use and reuse.

This means regenerating; it means producing things with their recovery, and a new formal and functional purpose, in mind.

To encourage the advent of a more natural economy, we have decided to adopt a specific working plan, Circle.


The aim of the Circle programme is to develop circular design objects and adopt a set of rules of conduct that allow environmental conditions to be improved, with a clear view to the protection and regeneration of natural resources.


We are specialists in plastic, and this is our aim today: not to reject our roots, but to bring about profound innovation in our sector.


The way of giving these ideas strength and reality is to create a new convergence between different disciplines, above all design, which we believe must claim and fulfil this responsibility.


Circular Design

The social economy regenerated by Design

Today, all our "Circle" brand products are produced by recycling PET water bottles and PP bottles which would otherwise end up in landfills.

We do not consume new resources and we do not increase the strain on the environment by exploiting the forests, minerals or other natural materials. We give materials new life to create durable objects ready for a new use in contact with foods and drinks.

With Circle we do not consume the environment; we regenerate it.


Don't throw away, reuse.

We remove waste from the environment, lighten the footprint and regenerate nature.

Beauty, expertise, solidity, sobriety, inventiveness and a focus on usability are the fundamental ingredients in our successful concept. The challenge is to create objects that are positive for the wellbeing of people and the planet.

Our products prioritise durability, reuse and virtuous production cycles (in terms of renewable energy and minimal consumption of natural material). We remove waste from the environment, lighten the footprint and regenerate nature.

Our working method

We design a responsible, respectful relationship with our planet, creating a forward-looking approach.



Our combination of organisational and strategic solutions is intended to create lasting value not only for the company but also for communities, suppliers and customers. We design in systemic terms, embracing philosophies of decarbonisation and natural development and integrating them in our business plan and operating model. Circle considers a working model, supported by the application of its innovative technologies, based on the following pillars:

- a process of decarbonisation aimed to render the company “carbon neutral” in the long term

- excellence in all areas with a constant commitment to minimising use of environmental resources and creating opportunities throughout the cycle of operations.

- constant research into the use of second-life plastics.

Working, living and using our products means contributing to a worldwide effort to protect our environment.