The Circle with the future inside
The Fratelli Guzzini company history reveals impressive credentials in the areas of ethics, social responsibility and innovation. The business is now even more strongly convinced of the role companies must play in tackling environmental issues.

“Our commitment started a long time ago,", comments Domenico Guzzini, the Chairman of the company from Italy's Marche Region. "Thirty years ago, we sponsored the Design Memorandum, a group of design academics and theorists led by the then chair of the ADI (Italian Industrial Design Association), which took on the question of design ethics in the industrial age. In 2002, with Conai, we launched the New Domestic Trashscape competition, for design of a container to facilitate the recycling of household waste. In 2008, with the RE-NATURE project, we produced a line of ornaments and furnishings derived from the reuse and recycling of a specific acrylic, SAN, obtained from surplus material during the production phase. Nature does not produce waste and we have to learn from her by inventing new processes and new formulae," Domenico Guzzini concludes.

This is the challenge, especially with regard to technologies, that Guzzini has accepted, and for 2019 it is launching the CIRCLE programme, to transition from the "material-production-use-waste" production chain to the circular "recovery-recycling-production-reuse-recovery" system.
Circle comprises products made from Recycled Plastic eco-sustainable materials, with improved functional performances. It is a complex, high-precision procedure which processes recycled materials. With Circle, Guzzini gives value to circularity: objects become tools, central to the relations between people and the environment, for lasting use and reuse. This means regenerating; it means producing things with their recovery, and a new formal and functional purpose, in mind. The Tidy&Store boxes and organiser trolleys, new for 2019, are a tangible example.