In the last 60 years, the human race has produced 8 billion tonnes of disposable plastics. Only 9% has been recycled and 12% incinerated. The other 79% was dumped in the environment, and is still there. ( Geyer et al. Science Advances 2017 )

This means that our planet has a tonne of plastic for every human being on it. It takes actions and not just opinions to change the world: we are an active part of that 9%, because with the Circle programme we recycle the PET f rom bottles to make collections like Tierra, and we only distribute non single-use objects: reusable containers, utensils and household tools that have an infinite life cycle and can also be recycled if necessary.

We reduce waste and fight to promote use and reuse. We offer ideas for people and nature: positive opportunities for everyday life.

Made for nature, positive objects, for the wellbeing of people and the planet.

Nature does not produce waste, and neither do we, if we are careful to avoid it. Waste is energy we direct against Nature. Responsible practice means reprocessing matter-energy, recovering it after use and then processing it again to enable its reuse. We act as a multidisciplinary laboratory that researches, trials and processes end-of- life materials to evolve functions and tools for the life of tomorrow. Taking care of the world means adopting new industrial cultures, based on partnership and dialogue with the environment. We are specialists in plastic, and our aim is not to reject our roots, but to bring about profound innovation in our sector.

Containers, bowls, jugs and tumblers that are created by recovering and recycling PET bottles already used for water.