Historic Brand of National Interest

1912-2022: Fratelli Guzzini celebrates its 110th anniversary with award of Historic Brand of National Interest status

In the last few days, the Italian Ministry of Economic Development conferred Historic Brand of National Interest status on Fratelli Guzzini.

With its attractive, well-made products, which perfectly reflect the most profound meaning of Italian design and production, this manufacturer has reached more than 80 countries worldwide since its foundation in 1912 by the entrepreneurship and vision of Enrico Guzzini, and then of the heirs of Mariano Guzzini.

The first raw material the company processed was horn, followed by Plexiglas, acrylics, glass, porcelain and steel, through to recycled and bio-based materials.

“It has been said that to be truly free you need deep roots, and I can safely state that our deep roots in our local area and its manufacturing art and know-how have set us free to innovate, experiment and keep constantly up to date with the changes that the market and, I may say, the planet demand of us,” Domenico Guzzini declared.

And the wellbeing of the planet has become a top priority for the company from Italy’s Marche region, which introduced a new production programme 4 years ago.

“Circle is the programme with which we started to gradually increase our use of secondary raw materials, which now cover about 30% of total output,” the Chairman states. “With Circle, we give new beauty to recycled materials, using research, technology and design to create attractive, durable, recyclable new products, all strictly Italian-made.”

To mark its 110th anniversary, Guzzini has decided to create the “110” pitcher, a homage to Scandinavian designer Charles F. Joosten and his famous 1957 drinks and beverages line called the Whiskey Set. Back in the 1950s, Guzzini was already pursuing its own ground-breaking design work by involving international designers in the development of coordinated, innovative, useful products.

The new pitcher belongs to the Circle programme: it is made from plastics defined as “bio-circular”, derived from plant biomass waste residues, which means of renewable, non-fossil and origin. This is a truly revolutionary new entry in the tableware sector, because Guzzini is the first to succeed in making this material crystal-clear and suitable for contact with foods: a wonderful “first” for celebration together with this big anniversary and this very prestigious award!